Beaver Builder vs Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Why use a page builder?

A page builder makes it easy to set up a responsive grid layout for your pages without css and coding.  As a developer, I’m just as happy to build the page from scratch myself.  But…

#1 – There is safety in modules!  When the client tries to edit the page I created, they can royally mess things up, stuff they can’t even see because they are in the code view but not visible from design view. 

#2 – It’s faster!  Faster than creating a grid that’s specific for the site you are working on or implementing an existing framework.  Same time, save money!

And if you’re not a developer, then these plugins are a great way to easily format your content without having to learn CSS or HTML. [Read more…]

Can’t find the Jetpack Slideshow Option?

You’re not alone!

You may not want to have all Jetpack modules active by default, so if you’ve gone through and deactivated the modules that you weren’t using – or someone else has, then you may have run into this problem. 

You activated the Tiled Galleries and you can now see more Gallery options, but Slidehow isn’t one of them! [Read more…]

Create clean, responsive, multi-column layouts for your WordPress site without writing any code!

Featured Plugin: Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin


  • FREE!
    Who doesn’t like free?
  • Easy drag and drop interface
    Create as many columns as you want, drop in some widgets and away you go.
  • Responsive layouts and columns
    Layouts automatically adjust to the current screen size.
  • Time Saver
    Quickly create the layouts you want without having to learn HTML.
  • Saved History
    Made a change that’s not working for you, no problem, switch back to a previous version of page!
  • It’s a plugin, not part of your theme
    So when you decide to move on to another theme, you don’t have to re-configure all your content in another system.
  • Widely used and actively developed
    New features added regularly & bugs patched.

Cons: (Maybe?)

  • FREE
    Support will not be as fast as with a paid plugin.
  • Loose layout & formatting if you deactivate the plugin
    Once you create all your pages, if you decide to deactivate or stop using the plugin, you will loose all your formatting, and have to re-create your layouts.
  • Some loss of customization
    Since you can’t edit the HTML directly, you may be locked into doing things the way that the plugin does them for you.

Watch a video about how it works and download it here:

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

While this articles talks about the choosing a template with the right style and features for your site, keep in mind the #1 priority when selecting a theme is SECURITY and SUPPORT!  We will write another article on this topic soon!

When choosing a theme for your blog or website, think what type of style you’d like your site to have and content that will be on your site. [Read more…]

Free vs. Premium WordPress Themes

Weigh your options on Free versus Premium WordPress themesTo buy or not to buy a WordPress theme. That is the question.

Or: why buy a Premium (Commercial) theme when there are so many free WordPress themes out there on the ’net?

And with all those choices out there, what’s the best way to pick a theme, free or otherwise?

When setting up your website with a self-hosted theme via, you can go to the Free WordPress Themes directory for over 2,000 free themes. There are also free themes from a multitude of companies and independent coders — a quick search online and you have an overwhelming number of free choices to sort through. All you need to do is make a choice, click Download, activate your new theme and you’re all set to start building your website.

Sounds simple, right? But there are more elements to consider before you click that Download button. [Read more…]

How to Configure the Genesis Responsive Slider

How to use the Genesis Responsive Slider and its various settings:

This slideshow plugin from StudioPress allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image from a WordPress page or post (along with the title and an excerpt of the content if you choose to include text). [Read more…]

Visual Editor changes in WordPress 3.9 & the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

If you recently logged in to make a new blog post, clicked on Posts > Add New, and went to use your Visual Editor options, you may have found yourself muttering, “Where did my underline button go? Where did my Paste from Word option go? Why did they change things? Why did they take away my favorite stuff??”

This is the place to find out what happened, what you get with the upgraded version and how to put your favorite editing option buttons back on the toolbar. [Read more…]

How to Choose Good Keywords

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases you type into the search box when you do a search.  When someone types ‘blue widgets’ into the search box, the search engines look for sites that include the words ‘blue widgets’, and returns those as search results. 

So, are your keywords showing?

[Read more…]

Intro to WordPress

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free, open source CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to create and edit a website or blog with no knowledge of programming languages like HTML or CSS.

What is a WordPress Theme

A WordPress Theme is basically a design package for your website containing the layout and style for your site.  Since the designs are packaged, it’s very easy to switch your entire site from one design to another.

Click here for a list of Themes that we offer.

What is a Plugin?

Adding a plugin to your WordPress site is similar to adding an appliance to your kitchen, like a coffee maker.  Plugins allows you to automate tasks and add functionality to your site.

Click here for a list of Plugins that we offer.