Free vs. Premium WordPress Themes

Weigh your options on Free versus Premium WordPress themes

To buy or not to buy a WordPress theme. That is the question. Or: why buy a Premium (Commercial) theme when there are so many free WordPress themes out there on the ’net? And with all those choices out there, what’s the best way to pick a theme, free or otherwise? When setting up your website with a self-hosted theme via, you can go to the Free WordPress Themes directory for over 2,000 free themes. There are also free themes from a multitude of companies and independent coders ... Continue Reading

Genesis Responsive Slider


How to use the Genesis Responsive Slider and its various settings: This slideshow plugin from StudioPress allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image from a WordPress page or post (along with the title and an excerpt of the content if you choose to include text). ... Continue Reading

Visual Editor changes in WordPress 3.9 & the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin


At first, you might find yourself saying, “Yay! Upgrades to make things simpler!” And that’s true. One of the benefits of this upgrade is a series of helpful drop-down menus to make things easier for you when working from the Visual editor tab. For example, if you want to add a bullet point list to your article, you can click the list button and choose from the drop-down menu which style you’d like (default, circle, disc or square), and the editor plugs in that kind of design. All you have to ... Continue Reading

Genesis Blog Page Settings


Looking for a way to display excerpts of your posts, rather than showing the entire content and making your main blog page 100 feet long? There are simple ways to keep your main blog page looking clean and brief. WordPress themes using the Genesis Framework offer 4 options for showing excerpts of your posts. Option #1: The "More" Tag - RECOMMENDED! Option #2: Display Post Content, setting a character limit Option #3: Display Post Excerpts Log in to your WordPress admin ... Continue Reading

How to Choose Good Keywords

What are Keywords? Keywords are the words or phrases you type into the search box when you do a search.  When someone types 'blue widgets' into the search box, the search engines look for sites that include the words 'blue widgets', and returns those as search results.  So, are your keywords showing? ... Continue Reading

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure!

The #1 rule of WordPress security is to keep your WordPress core files, your plugins and your theme updated.  The fine programmers at WordPress work tirelessly to update WordPress to bring you new functionality - and to close any security holes that are found. The WordPress core and your plugins need to be updated on a regular basis.  Your theme will probably need to be updated at some point too.  If you don't keep your files updated, your site will be vulnerable to hackers ... Continue Reading

Easy Digital Downloads

This week I was looking for a WordPress plugin for a client that would enable them to sell a PDF e-book on their existing WordPress site.  The requirements were pretty simple so there was no need to install an elaborate shopping cart plugin that would take hours to setup & configure.  But they did want a plugin that would automate the purchase and delivery process, not just a PayPal Buy Now button. I checked out Easy Digital Downloads and WP eStore.  Both plugins have features to protect ... Continue Reading

Finding the Right WordPress Plugin

How do you find the right WordPress plugin for your website? Step 1: Search the WordPress Plugin Directory Looking for a  plugin to add the "Share" box to the bottom of all your posts?  Type "share" in the search box. Step 2: Look at the Stars, Downloads and Last Updated date Check the Rating, obviously more stars means more satisfied users.  Check the Downloads number to see how many people have used this plugin.  Compare the number of stars and downloads on each.  5 stars on a plugin ... Continue Reading

Email Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

The best way to avoid spammers harvesting your email address from your website, is to not put your email address on your website. But sometimes that's not very convenient for the people visiting your website. Use a Web Form Normally we recommend adding a form to your website, instead of posting your email address.  With a form, there is NO WAY for a spammer to get your email address.  A couple of good plugin option for this are: Contact Form 7 (free!) Gravity Forms (paid) Contact Form 7 ... Continue Reading

How To Update your WordPress Favicon

A "favicon" is the icon that identifies your website in a browser tab or when someone bookmarks your website. This is a short tutorial on how to create a favicon and install it on your WordPress website. Choose an image to use. Keep in mind that it should be something simple so that when is sized down to a small icon, people are still able to make out the shape or letter you're using. Create an .ico file.  Here is an easy tool you can use to convert your web image into an ico file: ... Continue Reading