How to Configure the Genesis Responsive Slider

How to use the Genesis Responsive Slider and its various settings:

This slideshow plugin from StudioPress allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image from a WordPress page or post (along with the title and an excerpt of the content if you choose to include text). [Read more…]

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure!

The #1 rule of WordPress security is to keep your WordPress core files, your plugins and your theme updated.  The fine programmers at WordPress work tirelessly to update WordPress to bring you new functionality – and to close any security holes that are found.

The WordPress core and your plugins need to be updated on a regular basis.  Your theme will probably need to be updated at some point too.  If you don’t keep your files updated, your site will be vulnerable to hackers [Read more…]

What’s the difference between a Page and a Post on WordPress

Pages Versus Posts

Pages are static locations for information to reside in.
– Not part of the date driven post stream
– Have no categories or tags
– Hierarchical may have child/parent pages
– Hidden from the RSS feed

Posts are individual entries of information that can be sorted by Date, Categories, and Tags.
– bits of information that appear on one or multiple pages
– automatically sort them self by date
– can be further sorted by Date, Categories, and Tags
– Available in the RSS feed

When do I use a Post vs a Page?

When to use a Post:

  • News & Updates
  • Information that you’d like organized in a database

You can think of a Page as a piece of paper, and a Post as a journal entry with special powers.
Unlike regular journal entry’s that just sit in one place on the page and never move, Posts can actually be shuffled around on the page and be sorted differently depending on what your site visitors are looking for.
For example:
If you create lots of posts, and several of them have to do with Bass Fishing you’ll want to create a category for Bass Fishing and make sure that all of your posts about that subject are assigned to the Category of Bass Fishing.  This way when someone visits your site they can pull up all of the posts related to that subject without having to hunt through the rest of your non-Bass-Fishing-related posts.

When to use a Page:

  • Pages are great places to keep static information about your website/company/organization.

For Example:
Pages contain essential information about what your website/company/organization offers.
Your Home Page, About Page, and Contact Page will likely contain information that isn’t updated every single day or every hour. Because the information is static, it would be better stored on a page rather than a post so that the information is consistently easy for your visitors to find.