Genesis Responsive Slider


How to use the Genesis Responsive Slider and its various settings: This slideshow plugin from StudioPress allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image from a WordPress page or post (along with the title and an excerpt of the content if you choose to include text). ... Continue Reading

Genesis Blog Page Settings


Looking for a way to display excerpts of your posts, rather than showing the entire content and making your main blog page 100 feet long? There are simple ways to keep your main blog page looking clean and brief. WordPress themes using the Genesis Framework offer 4 options for showing excerpts of your posts. Option #1: The "More" Tag - RECOMMENDED! Option #2: Display Post Content, setting a character limit Option #3: Display Post Excerpts Log in to your WordPress admin ... Continue Reading

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure!

The #1 rule of WordPress security is to keep your WordPress core files, your plugins and your theme updated.  The fine programmers at WordPress work tirelessly to update WordPress to bring you new functionality - and to close any security holes that are found. The WordPress core and your plugins need to be updated on a regular basis.  Your theme will probably need to be updated at some point too.  If you don't keep your files updated, your site will be vulnerable to hackers ... Continue Reading

How To Update your WordPress Favicon

A "favicon" is the icon that identifies your website in a browser tab or when someone bookmarks your website. This is a short tutorial on how to create a favicon and install it on your WordPress website. Choose an image to use. Keep in mind that it should be something simple so that when is sized down to a small icon, people are still able to make out the shape or letter you're using. Create an .ico file.  Here is an easy tool you can use to convert your web image into an ico file: ... Continue Reading

How to remove an image from your Media Library in WordPress

To delete a single image from your Media Library: Login to your website Click "Media" Hover your cursor over the image you'd like to delete Click "Delete Permanently" If you would like to delete multiple images from your Media Library at the same time: Login to your website Click "Media" Click on the small check box to the left of each image you'd like to delete Find the box that reads "Bulk Actions" and click the small arrow to see a drop down menu of options Click "Delete Permanently" Click ... Continue Reading

How to remove an image from your Post on WordPress

Login to your Wordpress website Click "Post" Click on the image in your post that you'd like to removeThis will cause a couple of icons to appear over your image Click the icon that looks like a red circle with a line through it Now you'll want to save your changes. Your options for saving your work will depend on whether you've already hit "Publish". If you've already hit "Publish"  you'll want to click the button that reads "Update" If you have not yet hit "Publish" you can either "Save ... Continue Reading

How to assign a Post to a Category in WordPress

Assigning each of your Posts to a particular Category is a great way to keep your posts organized, and help visitors find what they're looking for on your website. First you'll need to create each Category. Now that you've created some Categories, you can assign them to your Post. Login to your Wordpress site Click on "Posts" Now click on the post you'd like to categorize. NOTE: If you haven't created any posts yet you'll want to click "Add New" Now that you have your post open look to the ... Continue Reading

How to create Categories for your Posts in WordPress

Login to your Wordpress site Click on the button that reads "Posts"This will cause a drop down list of links to appear under the "Posts" button Click on "Categories"This will open the Categories page Locate the box that reads "Name" and enter a name for your new category Click "Add New Category" Congrats! You've created a new category. Now you can see How to assign a Post to your Category in Wordpress.Note: Once you've created a category you can create sub-categories! To Create a Sub-category ... Continue Reading

Adding an image to your post in WordPress

Already have a post and want to add an image? Follow these steps: Log-in to your admin Click "Post" Select the post you wish to add an image to Click on the "Add Image" icon above the text box where you usually type your post A box should appear on your screen. In the upper left corner of the box you'll see the following tabs: "From Computer", "From URL", "Gallery", and "Media Library" If you want to upload an image that's located on your computer:  Select "From Computer" Click "Select ... Continue Reading

How to upload images to your Media Library

Login to your website Click "Media" Click "Add New" Click "Select Files" This will open a small box called a dialogue box. Use this box to locate the files/images that you wish to upload. For example if you know that your image is currently located on your Desktop you'll want to: Click "Desktop" on the left-hand side of the dialogue boxThis will display the contents of your Desktop in the right-hand side of the dialogue box Click on the image that you wish to upload Once you've located and ... Continue Reading