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The pressure to have a website up and running can sometimes be daunting. But simply having a site live on the Web doesn’t guarantee that you’re accomplishing anything. Don’t waste your time and effort, make all your moves count by charting a course now.

Starting right: knowing what you want from your website

Before you can set up an effective website, you have to decide what you want the site to accomplish.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want this website to do?
    Do you want to present information or showcase your product, art or service?
    Do you want to enable online sales?
    Are you looking for a way to keep track of your inventory, leads or production?
    Is your aim to keep your company, service or products in your client’s mind?
    Do you want your website to serve as a way to collect potential client leads and contact information through subscription to a newsletter or other informational offering?
  • Who is the website for?
    Existing customers? 
    New potential clients? 
    Your own employees or staff?
  • What do I want the result of my web presence to be?
    Are you looking for increased sales?  New customers?  A way to market a niche product or present your unique service?  In order for your website to be a successful component of your business, you need to define what you want it to accomplish within your overall business plan.

Remember: don’t build a mousetrap to catch a mink.  Any reputable web designer will need to understand your business and goals in order to build the kind of site that will best suit your requirements.  By knowing exactly what you want your website to do, you’ll help your designer create a site that will be effective for you.  And if a web designer doesn’t ask you about your needs and goals, you’d be smart to shop around.  Because unless you plan on catching mice, having a mousetrap won’t help you.

5 ThingsYou Can FixOn Your Websitein the Next Weekto Improve Your Business

5 Things
You Can Fix
On Your Website
in the Next Week
to Improve Your Business

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