Web Design & Development Guarantee

Custom Development Guarantee

We guarantee all of our custom development work. If you find something that doesn’t work under the original scope of development, on any major browser that was available at the time of launch, we will fix it without charge for 90 days after we complete work on the site.

3rd Party & Open Source Software

We use open source software, such as WordPress and its plugins and themes on many of our projects.  This is to save you time and money!  If we were to develop a custom site, you would end up paying tens of thousands of dollars more, for the same functionality you can get free from open source software.

We cannot guarantee any of the software that we didn’t build ourselves, including open source software and software built by 3rd party developers.  In order to mitigate the potential for problems, we use our expertise to evaluate the software we use on your site and we test your site, before launch, to make sure everything is working properly.

Open source software must be maintained and updated regularly in order to patch any bugs or security issues.  We recommend regular updates and provide Managed WordPress Security with our WordPress hosting plans in order to make this process easier for you.

We are not responsible for bugs or conflicts in 3rd party software installed on your site.  Free plugins and themes may come with some support provided by the author/developer, but it is not guaranteed.  If you purchase a premium (paid) plugin or theme, the developer usually offers support for a limited time.  If your support term expires, you can extend it if you end up needing help past the original term.

If you find a bug and would like assistance in resolving the issue, we are happy to point you in the direction of the developer, or for a fee we can:  1) interface with the developer for you (to assist with the tech-speak) or 2) help you find a replacement for a non-functioning element.