Maintenance & Security

Helpful, knowledgeable tech support.

Concierge Hosting

Available on any hosting plan for just $10/month

We’re on call to help you with any of the technical aspects regarding your hosting account, including:

  • Email Setup & Configuration – We will create email accounts for you and help you configure them on your computer.
  • SpamAssassin – We will tweak the settings of your spam filter to help you get more real email and less spam.
  • Domain Transfer – We will navigate the domain transfer process for you.
  • SSL Certificate Install or Re-key – We install and renew your SSL certificate for you each year.
  • DNS Management – We will take care of any DNS changes you need.


Keep your site safe from hackers

WordPress is popular so it’s a big target for hackers, but keeping your site safe is relatively simple if you follow these guidelines:

  • Use a security plugin – Block repeated login attempts from hackers trying to guess your password.
  • Keep your site up to date! – Known bugs are patched quickly; updating your site regularly will keep it safe.
  • Always have a current backup – If someone does get into your site, you can quickly/easily get rid of the hack.

Website Maintenance

Add, remove or tweak something on your site

Keep your website up to date! We can perform text changes, photo editing, formatting & more for you.

  • Fast – Quick jobs (15min or less) will be done in 24hrs or less.
  • Knowledgeable – Can’t get that bit of text to show up where you want it? Images out of alignment? No problem! Contact us with your issue and we can debug it for you.
  • Affordable – No minimum. If it only takes us 5 minutes, you’re only charged for 5 minutes.

SSL Certificates

Improve Google Ranking / Safely Accept Payments

  • Essential SSL – Instant Domain Validation, $10,000 Warranty
  • Instant SSL – Instant Domain Validation, “Click to Verify” Seal, $10,000 Warranty,
  • Extended Validation SSL – EV SSL provides full business validation and may take up to 10 business days for issuance.  The green bar, exclusive to EV SSL certificates, assures your site visitors that they are transacting business on a highly secured, trustworthy domain. $1,750,000 Warranty.

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