Web Design - Freedom Healthcare

About the Project 

When we think of trying to reach as large an audience as possible with a website, we often think of focusing on:

  • Clear messaging
  • User-friendly navigation
  • And Search Engine Optimization that helps potential visitors find what they’re looking for.

However, an often over-looked but no less crucial element to maximizing a websites reach, is ensuring that the website is accessible to visitors who may have hearing, visual, physical or cognitive disabilities.

For Freedom Healthcare, making their site easier to access was particularly important as they strove to make mental health care accessible to a physically and neurologically diverse audience.

At Nine Planets, we helped Freedom Healthcare reformat the content on their site and remove potential barriers to access by making the following changes:

  • 4.5:1 color contrast
  • Alternate text for images
  • Descriptive page titles and headings
  • Labels on form fields for easier navigation
  • Pages retain functionality and readability when zoomed to 200%.