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Quilters Slidelock
Web Design - Quilters Slidelock

About the Project

When Wells Creek Marketing came to use with their website: QuiltersSlidelock.com they were looking to transition from doing offline marketing, like trade shows, to fully online marketing.  As a part of these efforts, we redesigned the site.

Immediate Goals:

  • To give visitors a the impression of a modern website as a way of building trust, making the visitor more likely to purchase.
  • To make it easy to find out what a Slidelock is, how it’s used and how it can save hours of time and frustration.
  • To make the site easier to navigate, making a purchase more likely.

Long Term Goals:

  • Create a website that will be easy to maintain and update, requiring less upkeep and making the site more secure.

Screenshots of the old Quilters Slidelock design

Screenshot of old Quilters Slidelock home page Screenshot of old Quilters Slidelock models page

What Our Client Says

I thank each and everyone of you for all of the time and effort you put into trying to make poor outdated images and badly written copy look so good. I truly appreciate all of your work.My hats off to you all for a job well done.Sharon

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