Marketing Your Site

Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media.

Improve Visibility & Convert Visitors

We combine the knowledge of what the search engines are looking for with solid marketing philosophy to improve both your site’s visibility in the search engines and its ability to speak meaningfully to the site visitor. Many SEO services focus solely on search engine ranking, but if the visitor clicks on your link and isn’t impressed, your high ranking will have done you no good.

We can’t stress enough the need for site copy that will actually engage your site’s visitors enough to turn them into customers or potential clients. How your information is presented and what is said can make a critical difference in whether or not your visitor is engaged or leaves the site.

Social Media Setup & Planning

Social media channels are a great way to see and be seen.  Setting up profiles and getting reviews on sites like Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook can get you new visitors/clients/customers.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube can help you show what you know and who you are to get people interested in your business.

Learn more about getting started on Social Media here: Social Media for Small Business in 10 minutes a day!
Or contact us to get help setting up your profiles, posting content and interacting with your audience.

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