How to get a Google Maps API Key

Is the Google map on your website broken?  If so, you’ll need an API key (and a credit card) to get it working again. How to set up your Google Maps API account and key: Go to Google Maps Platform at Click on the Get...

Genesis Blog Page Settings

Looking for a way to display excerpts of your posts, rather than showing the entire content and making your main blog page 100 feet long? There are simple ways to keep your main blog page looking clean and brief.
WordPress themes using the Genesis Framework offer 4 options for showing excerpts of your posts.

How to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure!

Updated: 3/25/2016 The #1 rule of WordPress security is to keep your WordPress core files, your plugins and your theme updated.  The fine programmers at WordPress work tirelessly to update WordPress to bring you new functionality – and to close any security...

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