Lohr Real Estate

Lohr Real Estate

When Kip came to us, his previous site had been somewhat abandoned and he was looking to either update or create a whole new site.  We talked about this goals and the direction that he wanted to go and we decided to start clean. The new site would be focused on people moving to Eugene and Bend from out of state.  It would help people get a sense of what they could expect with each city and include description of each neighborhood.  It would also a blog that’s updated regularly focusing on community events and as well as real estate insights. 

Kip and his team did all the writing for the site and they did a amazing job. I’d recommend checking it, even if you’re native Oregonian, to get a renewed sense about what’s awesome about Oregon.

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Apr 29, 2020: Our site has surpassed expectations by a mile and actually has inspired us to increase our expectations and up our game.

Aug 22, 2018: Annie and the Nine Planets team were a real pleasure to work with. They empowered us to hone and clarify our own vision and then apply it to the smallest details of the web design process. Annie was extremely patient with us as we stumbled along, providing a keen eye for design, gentle and helpful feedback, and an obvious expertise in online marketing. She truly understands the power that a well-crafted website can have as a marketing tool and, impressively, gave us helpful suggestions that were specific to our particular industry. Her responses to questions were prompt and detailed, and this continues to be the case even after the launching of our site. We plan to continue our relationship with 9 Planets, and heartily recommend them to anyone who's looking for high-quality web presence.


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June 17, 2018

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