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About the Project 

In this basic website rebuild, our client came to us with a web site that was generally working well but had security vulnerabilities. Built on software that was no longer supported, the site was increasingly vulnerable to security breaches.

In addition, the security process for the old site was a cumbersome multistep process, involved copy/pasting a “shortcode” on each new gallery page and made even the smallest update more time intensive than neccissary.

To solve this, we re-built the site in a modern software and while we were at it, we upgraded the Gallery section of the website making it much easier for the client to add new projects.

We selected a WordPress theme which allows the client to easily edit each page using “drag and drop” design features for an intuitive editing experience. We walked our client through their new site with a Zoom training session to get them confident and comfortable making edits on their own.