You’ve probably seen the business and location information that Google displays alongside search results. A lot of times this is the information that brings visitors to your door! This information is driven by a service called “Google My Business” and you can gain control over that information and tie it to your website.

First step: Claim or create your Google My Business listing

You can claim your Google My Business page from — just follow the instructions to claim or create your listing. (We can also do it for you, see below)

Second step: Set up local business schema on your site.

Wait… what is local business schema and why does my site need it? This is data about your business (business name, location, hours, etc) that can be hidden in the code of your site that helps search engines understand your site as a local business. You need it because a recent update of Google Map search results (known as the Bedlam Update) has meant that sites without local business schema have lost priority over those that do have it. For WordPress sites, this data is typically configured and installed using a plugin, of which there are many to choose from.

Nine Planets is now offering some services to help you with Google My Business and local business schema:

  • For $149 we will set up your Google My Business listing and install local business schema on your site. 
  • Or, if you already have control of your Google My Business listing and just need local business schema installed on your site, we are offering just that piece by itself for $59.

If you are interested in either of the services above, just contact us and let us know. We are also happy to take a look at your site and Google listing and let you know if you have either of them already.