Genesis Blog Page Settings

Looking for a way to display excerpts of your posts, rather than showing the entire content and making your main blog page 100 feet long? There are simple ways to keep your main blog page looking clean and brief.
WordPress themes using the Genesis Framework offer 4 options for showing excerpts of your posts.

How to Choose Good Keywords

What are Keywords? Keywords are the words or phrases you type into the search box when you do a search.  When someone types ‘blue widgets’ into the search box, the search engines look for sites that include the words ‘blue widgets’, and returns those as search results.  So, are your keywords showing?

Easy Digital Downloads

This week I was looking for a WordPress plugin for a client that would enable them to sell a PDF e-book on their existing WordPress site.  The requirements were pretty simple so there was no need to install an elaborate shopping cart plugin that would take hours to setup & configure.  But they did want …

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